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Data Request Form

If the information you are seeking cannot be found in any of the reports available on the IR website, please use this form to request additional data. Please be sure to complete all fields and include a detailed description of your request.

Our office strives to return requested data as quickly as possible. Please give us as much notice as possible when requesting data with a deadline.

Typical turn around time for processing requests is 1-2 weeks; however, things like time of year and complexity may impact how long it takes to complete the request.

Please provide accurate contact information, as you may be contacted to discuss your request in more detail.

If you are requesting support with research surveys and/or distribution lists of potential participants, please send your IRB application and approval to

Please provide a detailed description of the data requested (e.g. student enrollment, degrees awarded, etc.). Please include the semester(s)/academic year(s).
Please indicate how the information will be used. Examples include: Budget Planning, Accreditation Report, Grant Proposal, internal/external report, etc.
(For example: every semester, every academic year)